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Ways to Keep Your Studies and Finances Organized


As you make your way through college, you may find it difficult to stay organized. Between exams, assignments, projects, and bills, keeping track of due dates can be overwhelming. Without an organizational system, it’s easy to forget a due date or miss a payment, leading to a negative snowball effect on your mental health. Let’s go over a few tips and tricks to make your life a little bit more organized.

Gather all the Information

Take a few hours and gather the names and dates of everything that should be on your radar. Be sure to include finances, activities or trips, and assignments that will be due for the semester. Most professors will give you a list of dates for when future assignments will be due so you can plan your study time accordingly. When it comes to your finances, try going through your account statements to see what regularly comes out of your account. This might even help you notice any inconsistencies that should be addressed immediately.

Keep a Calendar

After gathering all your dates, use a calendar to keep track of days when something is due. This can be a digital calendar that you have on your phone or email provider. Another option to think about would be a calendar book. This will allow you to always have a physical version of what you have digitally just in case any technical difficulties arise. Another option would be a dry-erase calendar that you could post in any room of your living space. This makes it so you can easily see it every day and get quick reminders before walking out of the door.

Keep a Notepad

Information about changes or updates could come up at any time, making it difficult to remember everything. One great tip is to always carry a notebook with you or make it a habit to use the notes feature in your phone so you can quickly jot down any updates or additions to your calendar to keep yourself on track. Things change all the time, and it’s better to be prepared for changes before they happen.

Remaining consistent with these tips will guide you toward a positive outcome. Make sure you include all things on your calendar – even if they seem like small tasks. If you plan to use different mediums to note what is due and when, be sure to update each of them regularly. Try setting a reminder in your phone to create the habit of always checking your calendar and to-do lists to ensure they are all up to date.



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