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Grow With Us: The Future of Financial Wellness

CU Succeed

Start Today with CU Succeed!

The CU Succeed program has been providing turn-key, award winning youth programs to credit unions for almost 20 years. We're still committed to our long-held mission to build relationships that help your credit union gain loyal, financially-savvy, lifelong members.


Our Programs

Kirby Kangaroo

The Kirby Kangaroo Club is for your youngest members. Children from birth to age 11 can join the club and begin their first relationship with your credit union through a savings account. When they’re ready, we have a co-branded website with credit union-centric, age-appropriate financial well-being activities and promotional items specifically targeted toward them.

CU Rising

CU Rising is for teens and young adults. This is the age where young people step up their first relationship with your credit union and begin looking at products and services such as debit and credit cards, car loans, and college loans. Let us help you grow this relationship with marketing messages, financial literacy bites of information, and resources to help attract and keep them as they enter their borrowing years

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