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Learn with Kirby through our cool videos and stories where we uncover the secrets of saving money and being super savvy with your cash. Join the fun, learn, and watch your piggy bank grow as we explore the awesome world of smart money choices together. 

Kirby Saves

Kirby Saves

Kirby Kangaroo loves to teach kids how to save money! His favorite savings rule is to try to save 10% of any money you earn. So if you have $10, you save one dollar in your Kirby Kangaroo Savings Account. Visit your credit union to start a Kirby Kangaroo account today!

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Kirby Joke


Why did the sun go to school in the summer?

— Because it wanted to be brighter!

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The Cost of Summer Fun

Kirby and his family were watching their favorite TV show when a commercial came on advertising a new amusement park opening soon near their home. Kirby and his Mom quickly went online to find out more information! They looked at all the cool rides, including water attractions and roller coasters. After looking at every ride, Kirby decided his favorite was the Total Tirade – a giant roller coaster that took riders through a water pit!

Best of all, there was an opening special, allowing families a one-day entry to the park for $150! Kirby’s parents agreed that it was a great deal, but they told Kirby that they did not have that amount of money to spend on a day at the amusement park. 

Kirby’s Dad made him a deal. “Kirby, if you can earn $100 this summer, Mom and I will pay the remaining $50 for the family to go.”

Kirby got busy! He asked family and neighbors if they needed any help around their houses or in their yards. Kirby was able to raise a large chunk of the $100 by doing small jobs.

Kirby counted up his earnings one evening and realized that he was still $30 short of the $100 he needed to be able to go to the amusement park. He was sitting on his porch wondering what else he could do to earn some money, when his mom called out to remind him it was trash day tomorrow, and he needed to move the bins down onto the street.

As Kirby was moving the bins, he had the best idea! He went back to his neighbors and asked if they would be willing to pay him $5 a month to move their trash bins for them on trash day. Kirby knew a number of elderly neighbors that could use his help! 

Kirby had three neighbors who agreed to his plan. He would make $15 a month helping them with their trash, so it would only take him two months to make the remaining $30 to reach his goal of earning $100! Kirby shared his plan with his parents. They were proud of Kirby for coming up with an idea that would not only help him reach his savings goal but would also help his neighbors in need.

Kirby can’t wait to go to the amusement park!

Kirby Story

Saving Topics

Make Small Savings Goals

Saving money is like planting seeds for your dreams to grow! When you save, you're preparing for exciting adventures and big goals ahead. So, let's be smart with our pennies and watch our dreams bloom into reality!

Giving Back

Remember, being kind and generous feels super awesome! Sharing what you have with others spreads happiness and makes the world a brighter place. So, let's team up and make kindness our superpower! 

Being Responsible

Just like taking care of your room or things that are important to you, being responsible with money means taking care of our pennies, nickels, and dimes! It's about making sure you know where something is the next time you want to use it. That means not spending it all at once on treats, but saving some for later when we really need it.So, let's be money superheroes and always remember to use our money wisely!

Earning Money

Just like grown-ups have jobs, we can also do little jobs to earn money. Helping out around the house with chores or extra tasks, maybe we help set the table for dinner, walk the dog, or tidy up our room. Every little job you do can help to earn money, and then you can use that money to buy things you want or save it for something really special!